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Lumbar Locked Rotation

Lumbar Locked Rotation : Thoracic Spine Mobility

Why is Thoracic Spine Mobility so Important?

The thoracic spine is the longest segment of the spine running from the neck to the abdomen. It is the only area of the spine that connects to the ribs. ⁣This area of the spine plays a vital role in load transfer between the upper and lower body. It also is a main contributor to rotational movement within the body. Because of this, poor thoracic spine mobility can contribute to issues at the neck, shoulder, low back, and hip. ⁣

How to improve thoracic extension and rotation:

  • Lumbar Locked Rotation
  • Foam Roller
  • Quadruped Thoracic Rotation
  • Sidelying Windmills
  • T-Spine Rotation with Hip Hinge
  • Overhead Wall Pushes⁣⁣

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Lumbar Locked Rotation

The Lumbar Locked Rotation is not only a good test for identifying limitations in Thoracic Spine Mobility, but it is also a good stretch to help improve t-spine mobility.  This is a self-stretch with the low back in a firm position to increase thoracic spine rotation while stabilizing one side. Get into a quadruped position and sit the buttocks on the heels with the elbows and forearms placed firmly in the floor.  Check out our video below on how to perform this exercise.


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