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Great Shoulder Exercises

Great Exercises for Shoulder Day

If you are looking to mix things up for your shoulder workouts, try these great shoulder exercises to create strong balanced shoulders.

In this video, we highlight some of the key primers and accessory lifts for Overhead Press.
The Primer:

Bear Crawl Sled Push
– This one’s all about creating tension throughout the entire body.
– This tension will be key when getting into overhead press which makes it an excellent primer.

The Movement:

Overhead Strict Press
– Excellent exercise for developing strength, power, and size in the shoulder.
– A full body exercise if done correctly. Work by actively squeezing the glutes, quad, and abs.
– A tight firm grip with help fire the rotator cuff via irradiation.

The Accessories:

Seated Dumbbell Press
– These are absolute money!
– Great for not only developing strength, stability, and hypertrophy in the shoulder
– But it’s also an excellent core exercise as the DBs create an extension moment that your abs are constantly resisting.

Ring Fallouts
– This is another exercise that is anti-extension. The abs and core should definitely be lit up.
– The key here is controlling the fall with a tight core and lats.
– Then we fire those lats up to pull ourself back up.

What are your favorite exercises for Upper Body/ Press Day’s?

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