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Governor Ducey Orders Expansion of Telemedicine

March 25, 2020 Update -TELEMEDICINE SERVICE

Governor Doug Ducey signed Executive Order – Expansion for Telemedicine to allow for our practice to provide Telemedicine Services.  This service will now be provided along with our In-office patient care, and In-home options. 
What is TeleMedicine?
For our purposes, it is a way for our patients, that are choosing not to come into the office or are in a high risk group and not able to be seen in the home, to still have access to our physical therapy care.  This is provided via online applications that allow for real-time video and voice communications between the patient and the therapist.
Benefits of Physical Therapy through TeleMedicine
While this is not a replacement for in office care, it provides a resource for patients that are not able to come into the office during these unique times. 
It provides:

  • Regular communication with your treating physical therapist around your care and progress
  • Home exercise program created and monitored by treating physical therapist with real time feedback
  • Continues your progress to recovery
  • Some insurances are waiving co-pays/co-insurance and deductibles for telehealth visits

Does insurance cover this service?
Based on the Executive Order, all private insurance companies and AHCCCS plans are required to cover this service.  We still recommend that In-Home visit options are preferred for Medicare patients, but we can make exceptions.
Does this service require a referral from my physician?
As a “direct access” state we are able to work with you directly without a referral.  Some insurance companies may require a referral to reimburse for our care, but many are making exceptions during this time in order to reduce volume in primary medical care facilities.  Contact us to find out if you need a referral.  

While these are trying times, Total Sports Therapy will continue to make the necessary adjustments to provide care to all our clients and patients.  If you have already been called about an in-home visit and telemedicine is something you are more interested in please call us as well! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at 480-272-7140.

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