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Dr. Shane Martin Q&A on Total Knee Replacement

Q&A with Dr. Shane Martin, Orthopedic Surgeon

If you have been following our Community Spotlight series, you may have caught our interview with Dr. Shane Martin, orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Martin is known to be one of the premier valley orthopedic surgeons that performs Total Knee Replacements (TKR).  He wanted to provide a Q&A regarding Total Knee Replacements in our next segment of our Community Spotlight series.

We asked the community to provide questions around Total Knee Replacement, and the community came up with some great questions! Check out Dr. Martin's  responses to common questions and specific questions around Total Knee Replacement in our Community Spotlight Video

Total Sports Therapy Community Spotlight – Total Knee Replacement Surgery w/Dr. Shane Martin

One comment on “Dr. Shane Martin Q&A on Total Knee Replacement

  1. Enjoyed the interview with Doctor Martin. He performed my hip replacement a little over a year ago. Thanks to Drew for the referral! Completely happy with the experience and the results!

    Gayle Horn

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