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back extensions

Develop Your Posterior Chain with Back Extensions

Improve posterior chain strength with these back extension variations

Back extensions are a great exercise for posterior chain development as they really target the many muscles located on the back side of the body. As always, we can make any exercise more or less challenging depending on the individual and their abilities.

In this video, we highlight several back extension variations:

Back extension

In the video we are using a Roman Chair to perform the back extension exercise. But you can use a Swiss Ball to perform this exercise, by creating a wide base when laying stomach down on the Swiss Ball. Move in a controlled smooth motion.

Back extension with weighted resistance

Holding a weight to your chest or placing a soft weight like a sandbag on your shoulders can help increase the resistance. Avoid using a weight behind the head if you have neck issues.

Single leg back extensions

  • Up your game with this variation that doesn't require any weights, by elevating one leg while performing the back extension exercise. It is recommended to use a Roman Chair when performing this variation for safety.

Back extension + Row

  • This great variation helps target the rhomboids, traps, and posterior deltoid muscles, while isometrically contracting the extensor muscles. This can be performed on a Roman Chair or Swiss Ball

Back extension + Y Raise

  • Try some dumbbells and hold them in a y-position. Keep your back straight and static while performing the exercise. This is great for targeting your shoulders, traps, and for shoulder stabilization, while engaging your back extensors.

Give one of these a try during your next posterior chain focused workout and let’s us know what you think! Also subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Follow us on Instagram for more great exercise and self-care tips.